Having a website is one thing. Being found is something else and requires more. Significantly more.

The findability of the website on Google depends on how Google's automated tools assess and categorize the quality, trustworthiness and content of the page. These tools process the source code of the web page to decide for which searches the page will be displayed and how high it will be ranked among the results compared to the competition. So, in order to be found for relevant searches, the content and technical background of the page must be easily "digestible" and easy to understand for these tools.

The process of optimizing the content and technical background of a website for specific search terms and phrases is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Before such an optimization can be carried out, a targeted, initial SEO analysis is required. This analysis can, among other things, answer the following questions and form the basis for future actions/improvements in the field of SEO:

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