After all,
there is nothing
that does not
exist. And if
there is, then
it is invented!

We think web design not always new - but completely different. And create your website with or without CMS. Your blog, online store or forum as well as interactive websites and landing pages with configurator.

Online Shop

Preferably with! There are about 300 popular content management systems, online stores and marketplaces, blog tools, forums and portal softwares. It's not easy to choose the right one - we'll take care of that. Because one thing is for sure: If the implementation of your website in a system that allows you to maintain your content yourself without own knowledge in programming is feasible, it becomes a must. Because nothing is more annoying than contacting your agency for every text change and every photo to be exchanged.

We know the biggest CMS' really well. It doesn't matter if TYPO3, WordPress, Shopware or vBulletin don't tell you anything. That's what we are here for. We implement any design and almost any conceptual requirement in a system best suited to your needs.

Of course we work full-stack and are at your disposal from the concept to the screen design to the final CMS configuration, template programming, implementation as well as the development and setting of your content.

Sounds good?

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Web programmierung entwicklung


We thought you'd stumble across responsive. This term, which actually comes from psychology, describes as responsive web design a technology that we believe has been a standard in the implementation of all websites and online tools since 2015 at the latest.

Responsive web design is simplified the ability of your website to adapt equally to the display size of stationary monitors as well as all mobile devices. The user experience is a huge point, which, in addition to the purely reduced display of your website on the smartphone, is of great importance.

Google says since 2021: If your website is not explicitly prepared for a good display on mobile devices, the ranking will deteriorate. In the context of the mobile-first directive, it can happen that pure desktop websites disappear completely from the Google index for mobile devices - they are therefore no longer discoverable via the smartphone.

Responsive Webdesign